Meet the team

We come from many different places and often, different perspectives. Scroll, then click to read our stories.

Erin 1
Erin 2
Erin Dechman Director of Campaign Strategy
Cinda 1
cinda fish
Cinda Fisher Vice President of Operations
brenda 1 1
brenda 2 1
Brenda Heffron Creative Director
Katie 1 scaled e1585922148694
Katie 2
Katie Heinen Marketing Manager
Debbie Lynch Marketing Director
michelle 2 1 2
michelle 2 1 1
Michele Markham President and Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Randolph Chief Marketing Officer
Angela 1
Angela 2
Angela Ridpath Vice President of Client Services
Paul Sage Marketing Director
Wynn Shepard Director of Web Product
Skeet Hanks Senior Design Director
Heather 1
Heather Silliman Associate Vice President of Client Services
Jen 1
Jen 2
Jennifer Sutton Agency Coordinator
Ashley Tebbe Senior Art Director
Theo Terry Marketing Coordinator