Client : Adams Dairy Bank
Media : Pay Per Click

Tip: Digital Marketing
Pay per click. Google Ads. Retargeting. Remarketing. These are just some of the digital marketing buzzwords that become effective tactics with just a little effort. How do you make your digital marketing tools work better for you? Don’t forget the rules of effective digital or online marketing.

  1. Keep it simple and less is more. Say it with fewer words. Be succinct. Get to the point. Move the viewer to the next step – a click – as quickly as possible.
  2. Remember the compounding effect of cross-media. Use the same copy, the same creative and same messaging in you online and offline media. Build retention by increasing repetition.
  3. Relevance is, well, relevant. While searching for replacement parts for a 68 Camaro with a small block engine, you keep running into digital ads for home gardening tools. What’s the relevance? What’s the point?
  4. One of the greatest advantages of using newer digital media marketing and advertising tactics is the ability to measure outcomes. Measure twice. Cut once.
  5. Don’t become too enamored with the latest, hottest trend too soon. Let someone else test drive it first. Your small business should pay attention to new digital marketing tools but let someone else be the guinea pig with their marketing budget.