Client : Botts & Tye
Media : Display Advertisement

Tip: Digital Marketing
“Does anyone really look at all those ads on the internet?”
“I ignore those ads on the internet. I’m sure my customers do too.”
“Nobody trusts a company that advertises on the internet.”
“The only one that benefits from Google Ads is Google.”
“My customers already know us. They don’t look at ads online.”

Whew … We had to get that out of our system.
Cynics aside, digital or online advertising does work. We know. We see the numbers every day. If you are not seeing the numbers for your own digital marketing (even your website), then you could very well be wasting your money.
The single most important thing you should do before spending your first dollar on any digital, paid or online advertising is to understand how you will measure performance, return-on-investment and growth.
There. Enough said.