Kenton Brothers Brand Ad

Kenton Brothers is a 4th generation Kansas City company and has been providing security solutions to KC area businesses for 120 years. Kenton Brothers wanted creative messaging in a brand ad that conveyed their understanding of protecting property and the valuables within it…from when security was simply a well-made lock to the mechanics and technology that is required today. Through this evolution, the constant has been the excellent service that has allowed Kenton Brothers to be a leader in their markets since 1897. As a fixture in the greater KC market for years, the objective was to update how the brand is presented.

The ad brought a nostalgic nod to history along with the evolution to today’s technology and the consistency of the person-to-person service. The ad emphasizes that they are a 4th generation family-owned business who has been around longer than the bigger competitors and they have consistently scaled their products and services to meet modern day security and operational system needs. This is a brand ad, so while we don’t have and didn’t expect lead generation data as a result, prospects and customers have continued to comment specifically about seeing the ad and feeling a connection to the message, and importantly, the Kenton brand. In fact, response has been so favorable that the theme will be continued as a key design element, including large window graphics, in Kenton’s new expanded (10 times the size of their current location) headquarters opening in 2018.