Client : CIRE Travel
Media : E-Newsletter

Tip: Social Media, Blogs, Electronic Newsletters
Top five tips for e-newsletters: (1) Be consistent in your delivery. Just like the morning newspaper – people come to expect it on their doorstep and miss it when it’s not there. (2) Don’t labor on one story, offer two or three. People scan reading material, searching for something of interest. If they find nothing they become disillusioned. Always give options. (3) Pictures are pretty. Take advantage of any medium that offers a visual component. Video is even better if you have it. (4) Stay on message. If you sell windows, don’t talk about the weather. If you are an accountant, don’t advise on social media. Keep the subject to what you know and what your readers expect. (5) Don’t assume everyone wants it. People will opt-out for many reasons, most of which are not a personal attack. Find new readers – every day.