Client: Clancey
Media: E-Newsletter

4 Tips: Sending Great E-newsletters

With all the email people receive in their inboxes, one might be hesitant to spend marketing budget on e-newsletters that get deleted immediately. On the contrary, e-newsletters can be an effective marketing tactic. As long as your contact list is up to date and you gained permission to use recipients’ email addresses for marketing, then you have a list of those who opted in to hear from you. They want to receive your e-newsletters, and you have a willing audience.

Follow 4 tips to keep and grow your e-newsletter readership:

  1. Follow a consistent distribution schedule whether it’s weekly, monthly or quarterly.
  2. Include visual elements like photos and videos to keep it interesting. Imagine reading a magazine with no photos, just text.
  3. Readers are expecting to read about your industry, so include articles that are relevant and on topic.
  4. It’s not personal if subscribers opt out. Clearly, they are not your target audience. Provide plenty of opportunities for others to subscribe.