Hawthorne Plaza: Direct Mail

After the post-holiday lull in January and February where there tends to be a drop-off in purchases after the frenzy of December spending, Spring is the time for renewing, refreshing and cleaning out. Hawthorne Plaza is located in a very desirable area and offers unique and upscale retail shops; however, they are arguable located on the most competitive corner in Johnson County where they compete for foot traffic among some of the most well-known brands in the country. To stand out from the online clutter and capture shoppers when they are ready to start buying for the year, a direct mail piece design with upbeat imagery and traditional coupons was deployed.

It’s difficult for merchants to stand out among all of the choices facing consumers, particularly locally owned businesses without large corporate budgets. Recognizing this challenge, Hawthorne Plaza subsidized the cost of developing and deploying this mailer for their merchants.