Love Letters: Black Friday Weekend Event

Love Letters, a primarily online business, launched in 2013 by a couple of friends with a passion for Kansas City who wanted to ramp up their advertising and marketing efforts for the 2018 holiday season. While Love Letters has a loyal following and unique designs, they are arguably in the most competitive market where they compete for sales against another well-known brand. With a fraction of the budget of a big brand, they needed to be seen online where their shoppers spend time.

Love Letters’ normal monthly social media budget was focused entirely around the shopping event, layering awareness-focused ads with product feed ads that would lead shoppers to directly browse the full catalog of fashion items within Facebook. Individual audience targeting used a combination of many audiences, including matched audiences of multi-purchase and single-purchase customers, lookalike audiences of those who look identical to Love Letters’ best customers, Chiefs fans, and engagement audiences of those who have visited the website, but never identified themselves to the company. An audience set was also created to promote gift card sales to a male-only audience.

In all, 298 cart sales were directly linked to Facebook/Instagram. Assisted conversions – those who interacted with ads, but ultimately purchased on a channel like a directly bookmarked page, or searched for Love Letters on Google and then made a purchase – accounted for an additional 134 cart sales.

Average cost per campaign result was only $2.88, making all purchases very profitable for Love Letters. This led the way to a 2018 sales increase of 125% over 2017.