Family Center Farm & Home: Gift Card Campaign

Family Center did not have an ecommerce website, so EAG helped Family Center gain the ability to sell gift cards online by adding a simple Shopify page to their site. As the 2018 holiday shopping season approached, it was time to drive significant traffic to the page.

We used a combination of existing email channels, opt-in mobile text marketing to VIP members and a Facebook social media campaign to drive online gift cards purchases.

VIP mobile marketing sent a one-time message to customers throughout the six-store footprint. Emails were sent with a banner headline graphic of the offer to the full email subscriber list. Facebook ads targeted Family Center’s followers and those who had previously interacted with the page, site, and posts, as well as to anyone who had watched more than 50% of any posted video. All tactics provided the best snapshot of existing customers who would find the most value in the offer provided.

Gift card sales results were beyond expectations, with 32 people ordering the maximum allowed 12 cards each. A total of 154 orders and 892 cards were sold, with an average of 5.8 cards per order.