Client : Invision
Media : Display Advertisement

Tip: Digital Marketing
“You only pay for the ad if the viewer clicks on the ad.” Heard that before? The reference is to one of the greatest advantages of using pay-per-click advertising like Google Ads. But don’t be fooled. Pay-per-click does have a cost. If you are going to engage in a pay-per-click or Google Ads campaign (there are others), then understand the full cost of doing so. While digital paid advertising itself isn’t paid until someone clicks, there are costs associated with conducting an effective PPC campaign including:

  • Creating new website landing pages, which are essential to any comprehensive PPC campaign, can impact your budget.
  • Copywriting and creative design are often needed to make a landing page associated with a PPC campaign visually appealing and more effective.
  • Website programming may be required to create new landing pages, inquiry forms or other assets that make a Google Ads campaign produce better results.
  • Paid digital campaigns can include video too. Producing a new video or integrating an existing video can add to your budget.
  • Understanding the analytics produced throughout your paid digital marketing campaign is the single most important aspect of your efforts. It may not be a do-it-yourself project.