National Glass Association: Landing Page

NGA: Guide to Exit & Succession Planning Book Sales

Owners of glass-related retail operations are nearing retirement, with a large cohort of NGA members planning to retire in the next five to seven years. As part of NGA’s strategic planning, a Guide to Exit & Succession Planning publication was created to serve this market.

To promote the book to their target audience, two landing pages were created, and optimized to convert traffic into individual book sales in November 2018. The pages were differentiated in messaging between a logical appeal and an emotional appeal. The logical appeal was geared at the practical planning needed for an owner to prepare for retirement. The emotional appeal spoke to an owner’s legacy while tackling retirement myths the owners use to reassure themselves of an easy transition.

Glass store owners who did not convert from a logical perspective were shown digital retargeting messages to drive them to the emotional appeal, and vice versa. Traffic to the page was driven through a combination of social media, digital retargeting, live event messaging, and print ads in house-owned industry publications.

In the final 2 months of 2018 following the launch of the publication, the landing page’s 574 sessions drove 69 purchases for an impressive 12.02% conversion rate, significantly above an average conversion rate of 2.35%* (*Wordstream 2018).

These results are proof that NGA identified a need and provided welcomed guidance on exit and succession planning to their target audience, demonstrating continued added value to association members.