Client : McConnell & Associates
Media : Display Advertisement

Tip: Digital Marketing

Yes, it’s true that you only pay for the digital ad if the user clicks on it. This makes pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and Google Ads a great deal for businesses. However, even though you’re paying only when people click through to your website or offer, there are other costs you need to budget for in an effective PPC campaign.

Here’s a list of what goes into your PPC ads:

  • Creating or improving a website or landing page to which your PPC ad links. This could involve website or landing page design and development and copywriting.
  • Ensuring your website page or landing page is optimized to convert clicks into sales or inquiries. This could involve adding well placed and written calls to action or forms users can fill out for more information, as well as programming them to operate correctly.
  • Deciding whether a video would could boost interest and sales. This could mean producing a new video or integrating an existing one on the website or landing page.
  • Evaluating and understanding your PPC campaign ads’ performance. Unless you’re comfortable reading Google analytics reports, it will be worth it to have an expert review the information. That way you can get a granular look at how the ad is working and make tweaks for improvement.