Kansas City Loves sipVine: Postcard

As a smaller local-market business, it is nearly impossible for sipVine to compete online against the national brands in a highly competitive paid search landscape. To increase brand awareness and engage prospects in ongoing conversation, a drip direct mail postcard campaign was developed targeting small and medium sized businesses in Kansas City regarding their business phone system. The campaign centered on “Kansas City Loves sipVine VoIP Phone Service” and a 5-Star Review theme. Reviews from known KC brands were featured in the creative design.

The print campaign incorporated design and messaging that easily distinguishes sipVine’s local presence along with their understanding of their target audience’s business communication needs. While the expectations of the campaign were focused on brand awareness, sipVine has been able to track a spike in web visitors and lead forms aligned with the drop dates, match phone leads to the direct mail target list, and tie sales to the campaign.