Kenton Brothers Systems for Security: Brochure

Since 1897, Kenton Brothers has been protecting the grand old buildings in Kansas City with locks and safes. Today, Kenton Brothers protects the same buildings with physical keys and advanced security. As a commercial security company, Kenton Brothers protects big and small businesses, schools, event venues and government installations with custom security hardware.

To match the custom nature of their solutions, they wanted a brochure that would stand out as well. The brochure serves as a sales leave-behind for their team to use on the highest-value prospective clients. It communicates overall brand value, leading with the concept that Kenton Brothers’ solutions protect your people, property and possessions.

As an added bonus, the brochure contains each of the individual product sheets the sales staff discussed with the prospect that day.

The brochure’s gate-fold layout evokes a custom creation, easily holding sales sheets for individual products and hardware solutions. The interior content focuses on the primary security solutions offered in general categories, while the back of the brochure serves as a brand-focused ad that brings a nostalgic nod to history along with the evolution to today’s technology and the consistency of the person-to-person service. The piece conveys that they are a 4th generation family-owned business that has been around longer than the bigger competitors and they have consistently scaled their products and services to meet modern day security and operational system needs.