Commenco Racetrack Advertising Signage

Commenco has been serving Kansas City businesses for nearly 70 years and has marketed strategically and consistently to the point of enjoying the largest percent of market share overall among their competition. But there are a handful of specific industries in which they wanted to improve awareness. Research was conducted that identified common interests among decision-makers in the construction, warehousing, logistics and transportation industries. As a result, Heartland Park Motorsports was identified as a venue that would allow Commenco’s brand to be shown repeatedly to a significant percentage of this narrowed target audience with their on-track signage advertising program.

The strong branding and location selection resulted in a strong recall by prospective customers when contacted by Commenco sales executives, and was the prelude for a broader conversation of Commenco’s products and services. While the only expectation from the campaign was brand awareness, two new customers were gained who contacted Commenco directly, stating that they did so after seeing the signage at Heartland Park.