Livers Bronze: Website Redesign

Livers Bronze is a second-generation company with a long history in commercial handrail design, and one of the last remaining U.S.-based handrail manufacturers. Their target audience often begins the purchase journey by searching for potential vendors and exploring their options.

Livers Bronze sought a website redesign that conveys how they make their unique conception-to-completion experience preferable to purchasing standard off-shore handrails. Artistic interior architects want to work with manufacturers who make their ideas happen beyond a “handrail in a box.”

Livers Bronze takes a very personal approach to building relationships with their target audience and wanted to display their work in a manner that would make a significant visual impact to commercial contractors, architects and designers. Their products are unparalleled, and the beauty and innovation needed to be well-represented on the website.

EAG delivered a comprehensive, optimized, responsive website with intuitive navigation based on desired user experience. The extensive project gallery conveys the breadth of Livers Bronze’s capabilities and products in conjunction with the aesthetic results.

The new site isn’t only visually appealing, it pays homage to the legacy of people and to the products that have been designed and manufactured in the USA. The copy focuses on the benefits of Livers Bronze products while telling the story of their unparalleled service and support. Importantly, it provides the sales representatives with an easy way to lead prospects through their product options.