Let “Heatherpalooza” Start Early: Heather Silliman Promoted to Associate Vice President of Client Services

EAG, January 10, 2023

Anyone who knows Heather knows that “Heatherpalooza” is in June—the whole month of June—in honor of her birthday. If there is any reason good enough to warrant dedicating another month of the year to celebrating Heather, it’s that she has been promoted to EAG Advertising & Marketing’s associate vice president of client services.

“Heather has been a phenomenal asset to EAG and our clients since the day she walked through the door in 2015, bringing 20 years of B2B and B2C experience with her. She’d managed campaigns for area auto dealers, fast food restaurants, banks and other retailers, as well as worked with local architects, engineers, manufacturers and more. Since then, she’s dived deep into getting to know EAG’s clients, helping them grow their businesses and leading her fair share of award-winning advertising campaigns. With Heather now positioned to share her ‘Heatherness’ with our entire account team, more of our clients will benefit from her oversight,” says Michele Markham, president and CEO of EAG Advertising & Marketing.Let “Heatherpalooza” Start Early: Heather Silliman Promoted to Associate Vice President of Client Services

In her new role, Heather will be a primary resource for the EAG account team in all things related to delivering exceptional client service, including account and project administration systems, process implementations, budget management and marketing strategy development. She also will take a lead role in training new EAG team members to get them up to speed quickly on accounts for a seamless client experience.

“Heather has an innate talent for guiding clients’ marketing strategies, so it’s also a natural transition for her to assume a CMO position on several other of our clients’ accounts. Over the past seven years, she has developed solid relationships with her clients and become truly indispensable to them. Heather will be working with me to ensure we achieve budget projections, identify growth opportunities for our clients, and assist with internal training and professional development initiatives, all of which support delivering exceptional client service,” explains Angela Ridpath, EAG’s vice president of client services.

For those who haven’t worked with Heather before, here are a few of her other talents:

  1. She picks out the best wines from our client, Red X.
  2. She inspires great work from our all our teams.
  3. She plays the best music in the office.

“I’m looking forward to starting off the new year with this new role. It’s flattering, of course, to be promoted,” Heather says. “It’s even more so when the promotion involves sharing your way of doing things with others. It’s validation you’re doing your job well, and that’s what leads to exceptional client service.”


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