Your Story is the Key to Selling Your Product or Service

EAG, September 8, 2014

copywriting for online ads shown in contextCopywriting is the most important first-step in developing any small business marketing plan or executing an advertising campaign. Copywriting is storytelling. Storytelling is selling. Websites, brochures, blogs, press releases, search engine optimization, social media posts, flyers, billboards, holiday cards, letters … the list goes on and on. Getting the words right moves people to prospects and prospects to customers.

Powerful Messaging

Splashtacular Sales FlyerImagine facing your biggest prospect in a sales presentation and you say just three words. What are your chances of landing the client? Sometimes it only takes three words to create interest and intrigue, if those three words are inspirational, powerful and actionable. Compelling brand language makes people want more in fractions of a second.

What are our three compelling words? Small business miracles of course.

Too often compelling writing is overlooked in a project. At EAG, we help you plan for copywriting in your budget. Our skills and experiences are broad, and our commitment to the art of great copywriting is unwavering.

Copywriters are Like Snowflakes

No two are alike. Selecting a copywriter for your business and industry is very important, so is matching one’s technical expertise to your marketing expectations. For example, writing for SEO (search engine optimization) requires an understanding of the complexities of search engines.

Direct Mail and Brochure DesignThe right writer will fit your marketing projects and goals. EAG’s writers are published in numerous newspapers, trade journals and other media in Kansas City and across the globe.

Our Copywriting Services

  • Website copywriting
  • Copywriting for search engine optimization
  • Blog copywriting
  • Content development for social media
  • Copywriting for brochures, ads and direct mail
  • Copy editing and proofreading
  • Long form copywriting
  • Press release writing
  • Storytelling for marketing
  • Testimonial creation
  • Awards submissions
  • Newsletter copywriting
  • Sales letters
  • And so much more.

Don’t let your marketing suffer by not investing in great copywriting.