When to Use Organic vs Paid Social Media

EAG, July 21, 2022

EAG Advertising and Marketing Small Business Marketing Tip:

“Are you trying to reach your customers with social media? Great.

But, before you go out and start planning all of your social media posts, several times a day, on all of the social media platforms that are available, you should know a little something about the reach of organic versus paid social media.

I’m Jeff Randolph, back with another marketing tip, and today’s is about how social media is very much a “pay-to-play” situation.

So, all of your fans—the people who liked your post, the people who like your page, the people who subscribe to see all of the things that you post—they’re only going to see your posts that you make when you don’t sponsor them as an ad, about 2- 5% of the time. That’s 2- 5% of the time for the people who have said, “yeah, I want to hear everything you have to say”—that’s not much.

This chart behind me shows off quite a bit about the difference in paid versus organic reach. When you’re doing a paid ad, it can be seen by a ton of people—it gets great reach. When you don’t, that reach really falls off and it could be seen by tens of people instead—and that’s not great.

So, if it’s important that your customers know—if it’s important that you reach a brand new audience—it’s probably worth paying to make sure they do see it. That’s a good social media tip. There are still more good tips out there for organic social media and how to maximize that. That’s going to be a tip for a different day.”

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