Overcome Today's Toughest Marketing Challenges

Outsource Marketing Takes Care of the Things You Can't or Don't Have Time to Do

Marketing doesn’t come without some challenges for you and your business. Losing sales traction due to on-again-off-again marketing. Knowing how to evaluate digital and traditional marketing campaign results. Creating all the content necessary for effective marketing, and getting that content to the right people at the right time. Determining if your website is user-friendly and generates as many leads and sales as it should.

Outsourcing Your Marketing Turns Challenges into Opportunities

Since 2003, EAG has taken on all the above and more for our clients. The decision to outsource marketing opens up opportunities, such as overcoming marketing challenges holding your company back and having more time to focus on your business:

  • Adding marketing manpower without adding staff and payroll
  • Getting the marketing project done that you couldn’t before
  • No long-term contracts, monthly minimums or flat-rate pricing
  • Every outsourced marketing team and plan is customized
  • Outsourced Marketing Requires a Strategic Approach
    EAG is more than a marketing consultancy agency; we are problem solvers, innovators and tacticians, working together to help you meet your goals.

Our approach covers all the important bases:

  • Tailored Marketing Strategies: Generic solutions don’t solve specific problems. That's why our team of marketing advisors crafts customized marketing plans, addressing your unique challenges, setting the stage for success and measuring results.

  • Cost Efficiencies: Marketing budgets can fluctuate, but our outsourced marketing solutions ensure you get the premium services you need without overspending or spending budget on marketing tactics that probably won’t work for your business or industry. It’s our team’s knowledge and workflow efficiency that far surpass the outsourced marketing cost.

  • Agility: Market trends change, and so do your needs. EAG’s flexible approach ensures that your marketing strategy evolves and you have access to marketing experts in all marketing and advertising disciplines, which keep you ahead of the curve and in control.

Can Outsourced Marketing Solve for Your Company’s Success?

You’ve outgrown your current marketing resources. Many EAG clients choose to outsource marketing to better manage cash and gain a greater return on investment for their marketing budget. They’ve outgrown being able to rely on freelancers to work on cohesive marketing strategies. Outsourcing is the only way to meet their marketing needs, whether or not they have in-house marketing and freelancers aren’t cutting it.

Your current marketing director or team needs help with overall strategy, creative ideas and tactical execution. If you already have a marketing person or staff, outsourced marketing has many benefits. First, your staff can work with our team to gain experience in more technical and specialized marketing areas—ongoing staff development per se.

Another benefit is that EAG brings not only skill and expertise to the relationship, but also the top, trusted technology and tools technology. Purchasing MarTech tools can be expensive. Teaching your staff to use and leverage those tools takes time. We eliminate the financial and time burden by using our accounts whenever possible.

Outsourcing Your Marketing Turns Challenges into Opportunities

There are several ways to approach budgeting for outsourced marketing. Many are no different than budgeting for other business expenses. Here are a few suggestions:

Need a new website? Budget accordingly. However, outsourcing to a marketing agency means you also gain what you need to use your site as the marketing foundation it can be with ongoing content development, search optimization and mobile marketing.

Hiring new marketing staff this year? Budget accordingly. However, consider the alternative of outsourcing a new employee’s duties. Do the benefits outweigh the investment, and risk, involved in hiring a new employee? Compare the costs of hiring one person to working with a team of experts.

Every marketing service we perform for you is planned and budgeted for in advance. Just like having an internal marketing department, you know what you are spending at all times.


Outsourced Marketing Can Solve Your Marketing Challenges
if You Answer Yes to Any of the Following:

  • Is your business dependent on freelancers and independent marketers?

  • Have you outgrown DIY marketing and your time is better spent leading the company versus acting as a chief marketing officer?

  • Is your business growing (or stagnate) because marketing basics, like updating your website, are ignored?

  • Do you need a brand positioning statement, brand promises, brand standards to define your company’s brand?