How to Hire a Unicorn Marketing Professional

No small business owner understands the gravity of hiring a unicorn marketing professional like small business marketing professionals do. For the outsourced marketing agency, a unicorn marketing professional is on top of his or her game. He or she must be an expert in their marketing field. And, there are so many fields of expertise, which makes finding one unicorn who is an expert in all areas impossible for small business owners who are hiring their first full-time marketing employee.

Small and mid-sized business owners have expectations of what their marketing employee can and will do. The job description they create may involve the following skills:

Unicorn Marketing Professional

In any job market, finding a person who checks all of the above boxes, much less is a fit with your company culture, would be a monumental task. Finding this person in a tight job market is virtually impossible. Also, one person with expertise in one of the areas above can command a salary upwards of $75,000, plus benefits.

Bottom line: one person skilled in all marketing areas willing to accept a $75,000 salary is a unicorn.

An Outsourced Marketing Agency for the Real World

In reality, even if a marketing manager was hired for a $75,000 annual salary, a business owner would still need to budget for the outsourced marketing projects that the manager would well… manage. In other words, now the business owner is paying for a salaried employee and marketing vendors, like writers, graphic designers, web developers and so on, which can lead to a hodge podge of campaigns, disjointed marketing strategies and less than stellar results. This scenario is exactly why EAG Advertising & Marketing exists. There are no marketing unicorn professionals and the “big” agencies’ models do not fit the needs of small to mid-sized Kansas City businesses.

Instead of hiring one head managing freelance heads, hire an outsourced marketing agency with more than a dozen experienced heads working as a team, and more importantly as your in-house marketing department.

For the cost of one mid-level marketing manager’s $75,000 salary, plus his or her overhead and benefits, you can hire EAG’s outsourced marketing team. For the cost of that salary, you gain more than a dozen marketing experts who deliver:

  • Nearly 150 hours of C-level strategic planning, guidance and objective marketing leadership based on real-world, Fortune 500 experience
  • More than 200 hours of award-winning creative writing and graphic design for print and web
  • An additional 200 hours spread across any number of marketing fields, including web development, search engine optimization, direct marketing, lead generation, branding, coaching, consulting and more

Even better than hiring one marketing manager? As your outsourced marketing team, we don’t request vacation days or take sick time.