EAG Advertising & Marketing Announces Acquisition of Useagility: Moving Forward in Enhanced Customer Insights and User Experience

Agency expands its spectrum of services and its staff with a new director of research and development.


KANSAS CITY, Mo. October 12, 2023 – EAG Advertising & Marketing, an award-winning marketing advisory and creative agency, announces its recent acquisition of Useagility, a design research and strategy firm focused on human-centered interfaces and experiences. This strategic move signals EAG’s commitment to offering their clients not only a complete spectrum of services, but marketing strategies based on a profound understanding of customer behaviors that result in enhanced user experiences (UX) and better returns on marketing investments.

EAG’s decision to acquire Useagility stems from a recognized industry trend. “The most successful businesses today understand and cater to dynamic customer behaviors, preferences and expectations,” explains Michele Markham, EAG president and CEO. “Our team works closely with clients to improve their websites, messaging and conversion rates. There’s an undeniable correlation between UX enhancement and increased sales. That’s where the Useagility acquisition comes in. For years, their customer insights, user experience analysis, and marketing research has helped brands like AMC Theatres, American Century, The Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, Hallmark, Unbound, and many others grow and thrive.”

EAG is moving forward in enhanced customer insights and user experience, including:

  • In-depth Customer Research & Insights: With tools ranging from product testing and retail ergonomics to stakeholder interviews, clients can expect tailored marketing strategies rooted in customer understanding.
  • Elevated User Experience (UX): EAG, coupled with Useagility’s expertise, will provide heuristic evaluations, experience design and other UX services to guarantee user-centric online platforms.
  • Real-world Behavioral Analysis: The acquisition reflects an era of data-driven strategies, based on observing real-world customer interactions, understanding their motivations, and addressing their challenges.

Useagility’s former principal and experience design lead, Kyle Dennis, joins EAG as its new director of research and development.

“There’s research data. There’s what clients think about their customers. There’s what customers say. There is what they actually do. In the middle is where the evidence-backed recommendations are that can make immediately impactful design improvements that solve complex customer experience and interface challenges,” states Dennis. “I’m looking forward to working with clients from inside EAG.”

About EAG Advertising & Marketing

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