Because Good Advertising Can’t Overcome Bad Customer Experience

EAG, September 8, 2014

sales training services as a front desk bell on a glass tableWho is your “director of first impressions”? Is it your receptionist, sales representative or counter person? Too many small businesses spend considerable time and resources building impressive advertising campaigns only to have the message and the brand diluted by a bad customer service experience. Ask your employees this critical question, “What is most important to our customers?” If you don’t get a consistent, unified response – call us (quickly).

When was the last time you mystery-shopped your own organization? If you haven’t, you should. If you did and weren’t happy, don’t wait to change. Even the best advertising agency can’t help overcome a negative customer experience. The problem is especially compounded if you make promises to your customers that your employees don’t keep.

“30-Minutes or it’s free” might seem like a compelling advertising message unless you continually show up 5-minutes late. Too often small businesses make broad, bold brand promises without making sure they are ready to fulfill those promises. Everyday we help clients keep a keen eye on their promises so no customer goes disappointed or under-served.

Sales Training for Business of All Sizes

Businesses, big and small, rely on strong sales teams to grow their customer bases and bottom lines. Does your team understand your unique selling propositions? Do they use varied contact methods to reach key decision makers? Are they spending as much time “listening” as they are presenting solutions?

From an inside and outsider perspective, we can help answer these and a slew of other sales training questions, sometimes in just one day. Sometimes, the best strategic small business sales training partner is one who is outside of your organization with an objective view.