My Summer as an EAG Advertising & Marketing Intern

My name is Giselle and I am an upcoming sophomore at Academie Lafayette International High School. I had never heard of the advertising and marketing field until I got an email from my counselor about an internship opportunity. I decided I would try it just because I had nothing else to do for this summer. I also thought it was a great opportunity for me to learn something new about a career, so if I ever wanted to be that later in life, I would already have some experience. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity, and I truly enjoyed working here this summer.

Kazmyn Pashal and I went to the office and were interviewed by a few people, but I was so nervous that it seemed like a whole crowd to me. The interview went smoothly compared to how I thought it would go, and the people seemed agreeable and amiable enough to accept us as interns at their agency. I was so glad that the interview was over though, since I overthink most things. For the next few weeks, I waited for a response as to what the outcome of the interview had been. Kazmyn and I were both relieved to find out we had been accepted and that we were now going to have a summer job.Giselle Morales

I was anxious for the day to come that we would start our internships. The day finally came, and I was hoping to see Kazmyn there as well, for I wouldn’t be able to bear being alone on the first day. I was hoping that I would see more projects that would come to us later on in the job. I was excited and had high hopes for the rest of the internship. I became more accustomed to the space around me, and I was able to better get along with my fellow intern, Kazmyn. The first real project that we had to complete was the one that included making a wiki page about the Rock Island Bridge and everything related to it. It was difficult, but in the end, we were able to finish it and be knowledgeable about the bridge at the same time.

We started a podcast that took quite some time to get started and running, but we have successfully finished the first episode and are hoping to publish at least two episodes. The writing process was long and tedious, but brought back great memories. The cover was very “cringey,” but it is an original, which is great for us. Making the podcast was very entertaining and interesting because we learned many things about each other’s lives.

Overall, this has been an interesting experience, and I hope that in the future there will be more opportunities like this so that we may be more informed of the outside world and the many aspects of it.

Giselle Morales

The interns have taken over the podcast! Click here to join our 2023 Summer interns Kazmyn and Giselle as they walk down memory lane on a special edition of the Small Business Miracles podcast.

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