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Westport Pools

Westport Pools, headquartered in St. Louis, operates in 10 states. Their services range from weekly pool cleanings to design-build of multimillion-dollar aquatic centers and everything in-between, including design, build, consulting, service, project management, renovations, repairs, equipment replacement and upgrades, construction, legal compliance and education. An existing company brochure required a creative refresh and the addition of all service areas.


We wanted the client to get maximum mileage from their updated brochure. In addition to a creative refresh, we included new pages on pool design, construction and service. Each of those pages were designed to work collectively in the brochure, as well as standalone brochures for each capability. All brochure variations were designed and optimized for print and digital, giving sales people the option to use in meetings and email.

Skills Utilized:
Graphic Design

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