Cheers to Ashley Tebbe, Senior Art Director, for Creating EAG’s New Wall Mural

EAG’s office refresh included new art created by renowned local artists, as well as a few distinct pieces from our own resident creatives. Our senior art director, Ashley Tebbe, set out to make her mark on a blank wall behind EAG’s bar area. The result? A mural with colorful pops that celebrates the energy and collaboration of EAG’s team.

“I wanted to capture the elation of success on a project and all of the hard work that goes into it. I wanted to visually celebrate our team’s personality quirks that make EAG uniquely, EAG”, states Tebbe.Cheers to Ashley Tebbe, Senior Art Director, for Creating EAG’s New Wall Mural

Incorporating bright, brand colors, patterns and movement, Tebbe created a mural that leaves the viewer standing in amazement, searching every detail.

Creativity doesn’t fully stop at the close of the day, but rather seeps into life and is propelled by collaboration. The earth in the background, the playful and interactive shapes, the paper airplanes, a wiener dog, finger guns, coffee and a thumbs up not only represent aspects of our team, but showcase the chaotic beauty and play that are essential to the success of a project and the ultimate ‘Cheers!’ at the end or launch. Tebbe added, “I love creating things that elicit a feeling or encourage interaction. Design that stays with the viewer, encourages further thought—that sparks a moment of joy.”

Completing a large-scale wall mural checked a major box on Ashley’s design bucket list—an ever-evolving list of dream projects she hopes to complete. Other items on her list include designing a book jacket, wine label and an environmental experience.

“Having Ashley’s mural as the backdrop in an area where people naturally gather initiates and enhances conversation, while highlighting the talent we have within these walls,” says Michele Markham, EAG president and CEO. “Even though our design work is always out in the community through the brands we serve, it’s inspiring to see this creativity on display for ourselves, representing us collectively and individually.”