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Fast Facts

Small business miracles don’t occur in nature. Maybe it’s divine intervention. All we know for sure is that great entrepreneurs create something from nothing every day. The creations of brilliant entrepreneurs are nothing short of miraculous.

Our job is simple; make our clients the smartest, most efficient marketers of their products and services. We do this with equal parts advertising discipline, strategic thinking and creative wonder. What motivates entrepreneurs to get up each day and take on the world is our inspiration. We work a little harder knowing we’re contributing to someone’s dream. It may just be a logo, brochure or website – but it’s part of the miracle.

At EAG, we don’t create small business miracles, we enjoy witnessing them.


Over 500 companies served since 2003, from startup to mature mid-market companies with sales in excess of $100 million.


Outsourced Marketing Department
Brand Development and Planning
Creative Design for Print and Digital
Identity, Logos, Brochures and Collateral
Website Design & Development
Digital and Search Marketing
Advertising & Direct Marketing
Social Media Development and Management
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Big Brand Strategies for Small Business™ is our process that enables companies to break through the competitive clutter in a creative and affordable way.


Our mission is to make big-brand advertising accessible and affordable to growth-minded companies and entrepreneurs.

The Name

EAG stands for Entrepreneur Advertising Group. What word could be more recognizable to small business owners than ‘entrepreneur’? It means so much to us, our clients and thousands of business owners, large and small. But it is a mouthful. So just call us, EAG.


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